A little rant :)

The main message and lesson from this song and video was that spreading hate is just unnecessary.

Are you sure a youtube video containing screenshots of people's chat log, accompanied by provocative and sarcastic lyrics is the best way to do that? Keep in mind the people of the server assumed you to be gone, the chat was never intended to be seen by you or anyone outside of the server, but you were lurking anon. Some of the screenshots weren't even directed at you. Some were taken out of context (very likely on purpose). If you spend too much time trolling, it's easy for the practice to consume you until you become a Schrodinger's douchebag at some point.

Not saying that the reaction you got was fair or justified. Even in jest, those comments did not seem fitting for a community of Aurora's fans. Some things needed to be clarified since you already posted the video and didn't bother to blur out usernames and all, some people might have wrong ideas of the members. I hope you keep making music. You are undeniably talented I was vibing to the tune :))). It would be sad if you wasted your talents on making other people unhappy.

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