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Kevin Porter Jr is on his way to NBA stardom. I think he's far and away the best young player on the Cavs and one of the best


KPJs main strength is shot creation. IMO on of the most important traits that all NBA stars have is the ability to create their own shot. Guys who catch and shoot have limited value especially at the end of a close game.

He can flat out get buckets. From any level he can get his own shot. He can score as the primary ball handler in a high PnR scenario or take his man directly off the dribble. In the clips below you will see him scoring from 3 with and without screens, mid range pullups, and finishes around the rim.

- pull up 3

- good reverse finish

- catch and shoot 3

- floater

-reverse and 1

- transition layup

His ball handling is very good. Strong handle and a certain level of creativity the allows him to get separation at will.

- good spin right for layup

- dribble move floater

KPJ is a dynamic athlete, especially in transition.

- transition oop

- off tip oop

good court vision off PnR as ball handler

- feeds drummond as PnR ball handler

- feeds thompson as PnR ball handler

Decent playmaker as the PnR ball handler. Has some upside here to be a teams secondary ball handler.

- steal / tranisiton assist


My biggest knocks on him are about his defense. There are times where he's just totally lost on the court, loses his position or loses his man entirely and it leads to easy buckets. There are also plenty of clips of him lazily going over screen and giving up open 3s. He gambles lanes a bit too much. Turns the ball over too much

- gets lost in transition leading to easy Ingram dunk

- gets lost in half court set leaves open 3

- bad effort fighting around the screen

- lost on defense


His overall outlook for me is significantly better than the numbers suggest. I think he's a much better shooter than his splits would suggest. One of the things he needs to work on is shot selection, that will improve his %s.

As for his future outlook I see a 20ppg+ guy who's going to get you 5-6 rebounds and 3-4 assists. add in 1.5-2 spg and you've got yourself a potential star player.

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