I’ll draw anyone or any character in this style! Prices start at $15/750

Hello! Welcome to my commission post! I am a cartoon and anime artist who specializes in well... cartoons and anime, though I am more inclined to draw in a more anime-ish styles, like the picture you saw above. DM me if you are interested.

I am also comfortable with going outside drawing girls. These are just my recent examples of drawings that reflect my skills as an artist.


Bust: PHP 750 / $15 Halfbody: PHP 800 / $16 Fullbody: PHP 850 / $17

Additonal characters: 70% of the price Additional background: 70% of the price

Once I reply to you, I will start the commission, or after I finish a commission, I will be doing yours.

What I can do: -Girls -Boys -Other Creatures ( I am an amateur for animals, but I’ll try to draw them in my style ) -Pets -Humanoids -Slight NSFW ( meaning suggestive poses or suggestive clothing ) - Furry ( I am amatuerish at that too, but I’ll try )

What I cannot do:

  • Nudity
  • Full-on NSFW
  • Mecha
  • Problematic Cartoons ( Nazi, Violence, etc. )
  • Gore ( I may change my mind though )
  • Other stuff I probably forgot to mention
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