Looking for some partners!


Thanks for the interest!

So, just want to begin by saying, first few seconds of the "Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 - VS - "Gokule Returns!" is absolute genius. Something about the delivery of the intro made me laugh. Makes me wish I had thought of that channel name before hand. It's clever. I like it.

Number definitely do not matter and I would love to collab with you! We can work on my channel. I get several hundred views with my stuff. Numbers are growing. So, it could definitely help. Send guys over to you.

You mention WWE. How caught up are you? Seeing as Wrestlemania is this Sunday, I wanted to post a sort of predictions video, maybe talk about it, possibly on Tuesday so that I cover it the day after the go-home Monday Night Raw. I was looking for someone else to lend a voice, if you are available. I think even with not keeping up recently would add a nice dynamic to the conversation. Let me know!

Yeah, that is definitely my favorite era of gaming. So much we could do there. The way I was thinking is sort of how they do it with the Pokemon Community. Often times, they will do a Co-Op Let's Play. Play alongside each other, at the same time, and both screens from each player would be on screen on one video. Similar idea with a Versus Let's Play, make it a race to the end? Almost. Something tells me we can do that with some Super Mario Bros. Of course, there are other ways to change up the game to make it fun to play with two people. But, both game screens on one video is how it would work. Then we would just be on Skype to screen share from the capture device and for the audio. I believe that is how it's done.

Additionally, I see you guys stream? That is actually something I would love to get into. I could lend my voice. That sounds fun.

Any upcoming projects you and your friends are working on or have planned? I am sure you can tell I am very interested in collaborating! Just keep me updated!

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