What if I didn't want to go to Heaven?

student of the theology hurrrrrrrrrrrrrr ... i would like say a few things in response to you.

  1. bodies disappearing: nowhere in the bible does it say anything about your bodies being gone and separated from your soul. your spirit and/or soul or whatever is not ever really defined in the bible. an honest theologian will tell you that they aren't sure what that means. but what we are sure of is that the christian bible teaches that the soul and body are intrinsically connected and supernaturally resurrected for heaven or hell after death.

  2. a second life being kinda greedy: if you assume that the american westernized "christian" is what a life with god is about then i don't blame you for your view on heaven. i am sorry that you've come to this conclusion. but you are wrong. the christian life is about service and sacrifice fueled by love for eachother.

  3. heaven is a wonderful PLACE: biblically a heaven is this earth as it is. heaven as the bible describes it, is really about a rule of god. there will be no more american government or north korean government. everybody is happy to not have to fight for power because god, who we believe to be just and loving is the leader. to a theologically correct christian, heaven today will physically be here on earth with the same buildings you see and cars and the person in charge is god and the people who are citizens arent mad about it.

  4. IF god truly loved you he'd just destroy you: you sound like a spoiled child right now. if i had to guess i feel like you're either justin bieber... orr spencer pratt ? SPENCER IS THAT U? get outta here. you're crazy. either way this statement is the nail in the coffin. the straw of camelback breaking. the poop of poops. this statement right here tells everybody that you are painfully naive, self centered, and ignorant. hey kid. freedom of speech and all that you have the right to say whatever you want. that doesnt mean you are correct. who are you to say what god would do if he loved you? the fact is i wish god would make people like you disappear, it would make my life much happier. i wouldn't be compelled to waste my life typing this crap up. but thank god you and i are both wrong.

god loves you and you cant help it. but you do have a choice believe or dont.

i choose to believe. whatever you do. i hope it works out and you grow the fuck up.

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