[Lore] The Second Son in The First Daughter

Narbo picked his head up and smiled. "Thank you, my friend."

He stood up and spoke with an air of confidence like it was not the first time he had said it. "I have a plan. My contact in Volantis hangs around the Merchant's House. He likes to think he is a big fish but he is actually quite small. However, he did work as a guard on the Black Walls and knows of an entrance that has been long forgotten. The gold from that card game got me over the price he charged me for the location." He let a smile slip. "Sorry about that by the way. Anyway, once in the wall, security is very tight. As you can imagine, almost everyone of note knows each other and would recognize someone new. Unfortunately, this requires that we either kill someone or find someone recently dead. After that, it's a matter of scouring the city for Vhalaso. I imagine he'd be hard to find, but a question here, a bag of coins in the right pocket, and he'd be found soon enough. The rest is simple."

"I can't ask you to go with me. With my new face, I'll be harder to spot out, but a Dornishman? You'll stand out as if you were in the North. You have completed your mission. You saw the Free Cities and all they have to offer. I'm glad to say I accompanied you on this journey and hope you did as well. It's time you went home. Enjoy the rest of your life. Be a great warrior and all that good stuff." He smiled but Aron frowned.

"No. I can't leave you alone while you do this. There has to be something I can do to help?" He pleaded with Narbo who warmed up inside from the intensity Aron talked with. He finally interrupted Aron's protests. "Fine. If you truly want to help, arrange passage for two to Dorne. After we finally leave each other, give yourself five days. As the sun rises on the fifth, if I am not there, leave on your own and forget about me. Can you do this?"

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