Do I Need A VPN Now?

aussies? activists? redditors... i say fuck this lets protest! this cannot go on.. what goddamn example are we setting here? "should i get a vpn now" no! you should drag your ass down to the closest parliament house or whatever and spray paint it, throw eggs at your states rep! if ever there was a time to adopt a little anarchism its now... we can see what's happening and were going to do nothing? this government has to at least make it look like it represents us, we need to stop this from happening and we can look back on this and say that was us, fighting to keep it the way it should be, you all have the expertise, numbers, knowledge and organisation to put a stop to this.think how easily this could be to rile up any passer by on the street about how the government really is watching you! tracking you, who knows were it ends, think about how much an isurance or a advertisement company would pay to get your data and not for our benefit but for their profit and the kicker theyre making you pay the expenses. expecting that we all assume such insignificance as to not say anything about our rights being taken away. look at the u.s and what happend when they tried to pass SOPA,.. the internet went dark and the bill was rejected because of the uproar of the public... what does this say about the illusion of a democracy? and if its not a country where the people have a say then what is this? the leaders of this country are drunk on power and have complete disregard for the rights of the australian people. we need to set the bar. draw the line,those of you who know how to organise rallies, protests... hand out shit making everyone aware.. do everything and anything in your power to stop this from happening Sign This Petition and get word out about it

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