[M4F] Women in power look better on their knees

You could hear the TV playing in the background, on it was a news report of your latest media activity, as a reporter raved on about how much of a symbol of empowerment you were acting like for all the women across the world, not only were you a talented artist, but you'd also built up a good image in the media for being a strong, smart and empowered women


The sounds of you choking on my thick manhood, blocked out the voices from the TV as I looked down at you with one hand still gripping your hair hard before asking teasingly "well, looks like your new move's worked out well,huh? Not only that, the reporter has been going on and on about how stunning you are! Ha, but sadly for them, they won't know just how beautiful you are, on your knees with my dick in your mouth". I let out a loud laugh of victory as I thought about how I'd made my fantasy come true.

Hey there everyone, so to put things simply, I've developed a peculiar fantasy and taste for women that are wanted by a lot of men, women who are in power and well-respected by everyone around them, the type of women every girl wants to be like, beautiful, classy, rich, influential, smart and all in all "perfect", but that's not all, I want to be the young man, who's managed to make one (or more?) of these women mine. So, while the outside world still looks on at her with eyes of respect and envy, I get to look down at her sucking my balls like a filthy slut, twerking her ass so well that it'd put any bar slut to shame, just to get spanked, or spitting out filthy words, begging me to dick her down and more.

Now there are a few different ways we could jump into this, we could either say that the scene takes place at our first meeting, maybe I'd be a manager or cleaner at your beach house you've booked for vacation, or maybe a deckhand on your yacht, maybe I could be a tour guide, helping you make your way through a new country, or adventure spots, or I could be a young new businessman who's recently made a lot of money approaching you with a deal, or anything else, feel free to tell me about any suggestions you have.

As for where the scene could lead to, we could do it a few different ways, we could say that we end up getting into a relationship with each other, maybe it's just a one time thing that I use for my own advantage to blackmail you into getting what I want, maybe I even start exposing you to the general public, making you slowly start posting small clips of you getting slutty for me, but we can discuss more about all that to figure out what we wanna do.

As for my kinks, I'm into rough sex, build up, flirting, romance, name calling, age gaps (with me as the younger one, 18+), spanking, choking, hair pulling, humiliation, degradation, power play, marks of ownership, collars and leashes, breeding, cock worship, interracial (I'm brown), showing you off,risk of getting caught, and semi public. My limits are gore, vore, blood, vomit, incest, underage, gangbangs and rape. Other than that I'm pretty open to most other kinks, so feel free to tell me about any naughty kinks you wanna add into the scene and we can discuss them.

A list of celebs that I'd love to try this scene out with are Cameron Diaz, Zendaya, Scarlett Johansson, Emilia Clarke, Margot Robbie, Megan fox, Jessica Alba, Nina Dobrev, Sofia Vergara, Ariel Winter, Selena Gomez, Angelina Jolie, Brie Larson, Barbara Palvin, Emma Watson, Elizabeth Olsen,  Bryce Dallas Howard, Lalisa, Nathalie Emmanuel, Zoe Saldana, Shakira, Dakota Johnson, Alexandra Daddario, Natalie Dormer, Anne Hathaway, Haley Atwell, Jordyn Huitema, Maddison beer, Melissa fumero, Sydney Sweeney, Sophie Turner, Jennifer Lawrence, Brooke Monk. They're just a few examples though, if there's anyone in particular you wanna play as, let me know and chances are that I'll probably like them.

Now, I know I've left the story rather bare and open ended, but I meant to do that because I'd love to try and discuss things with you, so we can flesh out a scene that suits the both of us,together, so just hit me up in chat or the PMs, so we can get to it! Also, I've discord and kik, so if you'd like to move to either of those platforms, just ask!

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