I want to tell my TBM dad I’m converting to judaism

OP, im a jew. This person, Baigish, responding to you, is an id1ot. He’s trying to keep you in the realm of Xtianity, as well as his retarded apostate Jewish lawyer.

If you’re truly interested in Judaism, contact a rabbi or come on over to r/Judaism or r/Jewish

Realise that these Christians, Mormons or not, their goal is to keep you away from that dreadful “synagogue of Satan”.

We do not prostelyse to make people apart of us, they must show they willingness to learn and become Jewish, so, if you join the people, welcome. Feel free to DM me.

To Xtians who try to respond and argue with me about MY people & culture:

I get that this is hard for you as an imperialist simp. But, let me try anyway. "Conversion" for a Jew is joining into the Tribe. It's isn't like it is for imperialist religions like Christianity or Islam, where you wonder if, by smacking your slave with your dick and viola, they're saved. If you want to continue with your bizarre obsession with “genetics”, then all I can offer you is that converts with no Jewish heritage make their backgrounds Jewish thereon, because they become of the people and of the Jewish gene pool, and so their children have the “genetics” that keep you hard at night. But indignity is based on culture, not your fantasies about genetic purity. Jewish isn’t a blood line. A cultural identification. ALL Jews, even converts with no Jewish heritage, are ethnically Jewish.

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