Marquez KOd Pacquiao, but why is he still not recognized as "above" Pacquiao?

Retarded? lets examine that:

  1. You want to criticize the cry baby claims? He gets called a cry baby because after using the same failing strategy each time he blames the judges for the loss and not his failing strategy. Its the lack of accountability. The judges did not force him to fight that way. If anything, the judges have helped him by failing to add up the score correctly in the first fight giving him a draw. Which isn't a matter of changing opinion but straight up math which will never change (10-4 is always 6 and its never an opinion). How can you respect a guy who doesn't want to improve but instead its the fault of everyone else around him.

  2. The marquez fans always bring up that many people thought marquez won. Many people also though pacquaio won. Even if you take public opinion out of the equation, what you have is marquez fans valuing losing a close fight being equivalent or just as good as winning. While on the other hand they take winning a close fight (which pacquiao did) not good enough to be considered win. You want to call people retarded? Which group of people deserve that title with the scenario I just explained? Marquez fans are always stuck on the "he could have won those first 3 fights". Pacquiao could have won those first 3 fights too. The thing is this:

"He Could have won + didn't win" is never better than "He could have won + did win" . So which fans are the retarded ones?

  1. It gets called a lucky punch not because it is accidental it gets called a lucky punch because it was a fortunate and rare occurrence. So let me explain that. He had 4 fights for him to get the win. Is getting 4 fights in the first place something that happens all the time? Is it not a rare occurrence? Also hasn't he been counter punching since fight #1? It took 4 fights for him to fine tune his counterpunching enough to shine through and get a win. It hasn't worked before and it finally worked now. He would get respect if he did it the first fight, maybe even the 2nd, and if you were generous he would even get some respect if he did it the 3rd fight, but after 4 tries, its about damn time! He would be considered unlucky he couldn't win after 4 tries so why are your panties in a bunch when he is called lucky after all that I explained?

Fuck out of here calling pacquiao fans retarded.

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