May as well as post my build!

Not sure why people are subbing here (I don't recall advertising it) or downvoting - but anyway - I wanted to post a minor update and didn't see a reason to make a post.

I'll be moving back up north (currently not in US) and plan to do a ton of more this setup (another adapter, another laptop, OCing the cpu etc.) but more importantly - writing a proper guide - something I have wanted to do for a while now, just didn't want to half ass it.

There are far better sources than here and I won't be trying to replicate them (it's my first and probably only sub that I'll ever make) - on the contrary - I'll be posting links to proper resources etc.

I never expected the sub to take off or anything like that - it's just here for a bit of extra help if you need it because I definitely needed it and some of the sources I will link provided me with very limited (if any) responses.

I had plans to do all this a while back but life has been busy and a detailed guide is difficult to write without making slips so I'm not going to rush it like others. I only say this because I followed a 'guide' I won't link that worked for the person who wrote it but it didn't work for me.

That being said - if you're interested in learning about eGPU stuff (especially for travel purposes) - this is basically the point of this sub: Basic help/talk about stuff (for major help - there are great resources elsewhere, albeit somewhat scattered).

I'd apologize for not doing any of the above but given the limited interest, I don't think I need to :)

I did manage to setup Nvidia's panorama span across 2 24 inch monitors, which was slightly cool but completely pointless (for me). I've run into some heat problems, which I've addressed, and have yet to stress test the OC (though I did OC quite a bit - I'll have all the info, with scores etc. by the end of the year but it's just not something that interest me personally).

Basically, I'll be posting my experience here as I do stuff and if you want help building yours or if I get a request to do something specific - then I will do it.

Thus far, the 680 has served me well, the cpu remains a bottleneck, but I'm still semi-happy with the setup (the battery life is not as good as expected and the wifi upgrade was not necessary whatsoever - in fact, I find it to be a drawback in my setup - although the cradle is nice)... but more on this later.

I can't ultra Fallout 4 nor witcher 3 but I can run them fine. I'll be testing video editing for playthroughs as well with camtasia (my old laptop simply couldn't handle it).

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