Me fending off the Pro-Censoring gamingcirclejerk spammers - Day 6

Here's an alternate universe of what's going on right now. Let's say that authors are writing their stories using a neat online writing website I'll call Quick Write. It's a bit like Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Recently, the people who made Quick Write decided to add a filter to remove CP. Whenever you type something into Quick Write and it detects CP, it will prevent you from typing and flag you. When someone gets flagged every essay, article, story or document they ever wrote on Quick Write will get read by one of Quick Writer's employees. Not only that, but the filter barely works at all, meaning that typing "Children love to eat watermelons in the summer" will get you flagged. Let's say you wrote some Adult, consensual porn that you'd like to keep to yourself. Too bad an employee at Quick Write will read it. So everyone on r/QuickWrite gets mad at the company that made Quick Write. Now r/WritingCircleJerk sees that they made CP filter and people got mad, not knowing the whole story. They start deeming everyone (or at least the vast majority) of people on r/QuickWrite as pedos who are mad they can't write loli anymore, despite the fact that the vast majority of them aren't. Sure they got rid of some pedos, but letting anonymous people read people's private stories is invading their privacy.

tl;Dr: Ai Dungeon is reading people's stories for no reason and r/GamingCircleJerk is calling them pedos, despite the fact most of then aren't.

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