How demanding is the PM&R residency?

The longer you push it off, the more you forget from Medical school and your step 2 studying.

He should try to get it done in the first half of his intern year. Have him set a realistic deadline and just take it. It’s not as bad as step 1 used to be.

The people who push it off and push it off and push it off, I’ve seen tend to struggle more.

I have a 14 month old and I’m a PGY 3 obgyn resident. My wife works from home as an attorney. We have no family or social help at all.

Things are tough. They are going to be tough. He’s a doctor, he gets to save and kill people only because his training is so tough.

A lot of work is going to fall on you, especially for the first year. He’s going to get home and you’re going to want him to clean out do laundry, but he may need to read and study or put together PowerPoint or catch up on notes.

Residency will be tough for him, it will also be tough for you. That’s the game we all decided to play.

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