Memoirs – A look into the Past

I don't remember the past that well, but I remember the day when I was on the coast, just watching the waves crash down. Glider, calm at the moment, was looking out into the sea with me. Lucca was wandering the old Amdahl Castle, where he once was a noble. He was simply remembering the past days when the castle was a lot more luxurious, but that time was long gone.

Glider nudged me on the shoulder, and then it came back to me. I remembered the long past I don't remember well, but the day I met and befriended Glider still remained.

I was about nine years old when I was sent out to find the dragon that would be the best choice for me. I did not pack much with me when I left. A simple dagger, silent but deadly, several spell books, and potions were the only things I brought with me. I also packed a water bottle that would instantly fill up the moment it was empty. It was the evening of my ninth birthday that I left for the dragon that would be best for me.

My travels took me to high mountains, seemingly endless valleys, and quiet fields, but no signs of any life. Dragons flew in the sky above me, though I could not tell whether they were observing me as their chosen one, or stalking me as prey. It was on the third month, the third day, and the third hour, in the dark night as I crossed a silent plains area, that I saw a dragon fly down to me. Its shiny red scales lit up the darkness, and the blue scales kept it almost hidden from sight. This dragon stood in front of me, walked around me, and even sniffed me, as to make sure I was the one it would choose. I had not drawn my dagger; dragons are sacred creatures and not to be harmed if they're wild ones except for self-defense.

I was curious about this dragon. It didn't show aggression, nor seething hatred, nor any signs of happiness. It was emotionless, as if it were sizing me up. I didn't make any I was its master: it nudged its nose on my shoulder. I fell down at this, mostly out of a sudden surprise. I didn't expect such an action at all from the dragon! I got up, and then set my right hand just above its forehead. It didn't budge. I then moved my hand closer to it, and it didn't move. My hand eventually touched its head, and it seemed pleased. We had accepted each other as friends. I turned back home, and then the past faded away.

I opened my eyes, and looked at Glider next to me. I let out a light smile, and asked him, "Do you still remember that day, my friend?" Glider only nudged my shoulder so hard it knocked me down again. I simply laughed as I saw him still as my close partner.

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