What’s a lie you’ve told that has gotten ridiculously out of hand?

Hated eating any kind of sauce as a kid but I was in a school of dick heads and knew that if I told my classmates I hated sauce I'd be in for years of spiked lunches and food offers that I'd get made fun of for declining so I told them I was allergic to sauce then they were like all sauces and I was like yeah its a preservative they put into it then they saw me eating a pizza so I said that if you heat the preservative it gets denatured then somebody did spike my lunch and I ate a bite is I had to go home and "accidentally" step on a rusty nail which got me a week off from school and a tetanus shot (I know there were better ways to handle this) but when I got back and told them I had a reaction they told me they heated the sauce so 8 told them it had to be heated really hit like in a pizza oven and also that i'd nearly died and my dad was going to file a charge of attempted murder so the guy who did it fessed up ND begged my forgiveness and I told him I'd ask my dad to drop the charge. Lmao this is really weird looking back I was so weird I should have just told them I didn't like sauce.

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