School nurses of reddit, what’s the strangest incident that caused a student to go to your office?

I'm a school nurse and I've yet to see many strange incidents but I have had to take care of a serious attack. This girl came in screaming angrily with the school security officer trying to calm her down. There was a massive gash across her face. She had been cut across the face with a weapon after she tried to use a weapon that she brought to school in a fight. The police ended up arresting her as well as the assailant.
She came back with her mother to drop off documentation. She had stitches across her face. She behaved like an entitled brat that she owned the school and her mother said nothing up until the point where I finally stopped ignoring her and told her to stop. The dean of school came in to tell her the prinicpal wanted to see her. 10 minutes later, she's storming down the hall and screaming at the top of her lungs about how getting punished is wrong because she got slashed. I don't know what the exact punishment was but I know she was moved to a different school.

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