Might be going alone feeling weird

Hey Now! I am a festival veteran that finds himself in Florida with nothing to do on Halloween weekend. I have been to Bonnaroo, GOTV, Jazzfest, All-Good, Summer Camp, High Sierra, Telluride, and countless others but I have never been to SOTSMP or any SCI festival although I have seen the band many times. I am planning on going to Hulaween this year on the recommendation of a number of good friends. Unfortunately, or fortunately (I 'll know when I get there!) I will be going solo as my relationship recently took a nosedive into the "It's Complicated" department. I probably won't know a soul in the entire venue so I am looking to meet some nice, cool folks to party with all weekend. I will likely be pulling my gear in a little red wagon from wherever they park me to wherever I find a place to set up camp so if anybody has any advice for me, I would appreciate it. Generally speaking, camping next to a really loud DJ or stage wouldn't be ideal. Hope to meet some of you folks at the show!

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