MobiusFF Daily Question Thread (09/08/2019)

Anyone else feel that the game has become really reptitive and boring? I am personally exhausted from the recent events. We just finished Squall and now we have the Ultimecia target. The rewards don't justify the effort. The Sleeping Lion maps are really boring and uninteresting as compared to the FFVII and FFX events.

Most Chapters are too long and reptitive. The digest story mode should have been the standard game map from the start. I just finished Chapter 5 Part 2 which had 80 nodes, most of which had repetitive battles that added no value to the story or gaming experience.

As for content, it feels like the banners keep coming and I just can't farm fast enough. I have been grinding for days to come up with enough pulls for the next weapons banner but there is a limit to how much you can farm with limited time. If each banner requires an average of 8-10 pulls to get useful cards, then it becomes a miserable experience even if you are buying magicite.

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