AITA For telling my female friend off about her Vasectomy obsession?

Just because my IUD doesn't trouble me doesn't mean it won't cause side-effects to my body.

See, that's your own fault though as harsh as it sounds. You know you can't use birth control but you still use it anyway.

You're acting like ALL women hate birth control and would rather not take it, or ALL women experience negatives.

That's just not true.

Condoms do not mess with men's bodies. If you can't do condoms for reasons that aren't "life-threatening allergies to latex", walk the walk you expect your partner to - get hormonal contraception with side-effects. For men, that's a vasectomy, the side-effect being that it may not be reversible.


Make a hormonal male birth control? Definitely. Otherwise I'll use condoms or find a girl who uses bc and likes it.

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