My b[f] broke up with me because I was "good enough but why stop at just good enough". Cheer me up please :)

I'm pretty judgey about women my women (and I don't think I've ever made a post on /r/gw, much less on my real account. So let me say this (and hopefully it's not too creepy):

Your boobs are great. Solid 9/10. More than just "good enough" -- top 10% of the population easily.

Your overall physique is easily a 9/10 as well. Good definition on your abs, wonderful hourglass shape, nice round butt... good stuff.

Piercings are cute.

Vagina looks well-kept and like it'd be good fun.

So unless you have a really ugly face, or you sound a bit like Fran Drescher when you're drunk -- he's an idiot. You deserve better and you'll find better.

Good luck and enjoy being single again...

Lastly -- anyone who would leave you via What'sApp is a douche.

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