My Friend Owns A spiderman/Elsa channel that gets 2 million+ views a day - Here's what she told me

This is exactly what I thought was happening but I disagree you with that this is an organic process. The 20,000 views are guaranteed. It doesn't matter if this was from a "bot" or from AFK computers or from sweatshop labor. These are not children who chose to watch the video after searching for it and kept watching because they enjoyed the content.

This does explain that money was the primary motivating factor for the content produces. What's worse that this implies there was nefarious motivations for the producers, which makes perfect sense. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but from what you described it sounds like a coordinated attack on Western children from Russia. Is there any redditors from Russia or Eastern countries that can let us know if there is any depraved content featuring popular characters from their culture?

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