Let me solve this problem for you quickly. Children should be directly supervised while online until they are old enough to be responsible for themselves.

I never said it was right, I’m just being realistic. I hope making statements like that you have kids of your own because if not you just sound stupid, nobody can devote 100 percent of their free time to monitoring their children day in and day out; I never said it was right I’m just being realistic that kids will find ways to do things they want at some point when their parents aren’t around no matter how heavily they are monitored. I think that kids activity should be monitored where possible and no they shouldn’t just be left alone with iPads but this stuff can be accessed through computers as well and in this day and age to deny a kid access to the internet all together is pretty difficult.

Obviously being able to monitor your children’s activity all the time would be ideal but people have lives, hobbies and things to do outside of work and kids such as going to the gym, grocery shopping, and yard/housework just to name a few. Kids also have lives and may go to their friends houses for the day or sleepovers, or being left with other parents or babysitters so how will you monitor them then?

As I stated I never said it was right and I believe where possible activity should be monitored. However to be REALISTIC it is not possible to do so 24/7; and sorry to burst your bubble but we don’t live in the world you grew up in anymore. We’ll see when you have kids if you can keep up with the schedule if supervision you stated.

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