Need advice - Do the big companies like FAANG care about your projects/personal portfolio if you already have guarantee of a first round through various recruiters?

I work for Google and I was previously at Amazon. For both companies we simply did not have time to look at your projects. It is the same for Facebook, Apple and Microsoft (with your current experience you will not be able to get into Netflix).

I only look at your resume when HR tells me to interview you - so basically when your resume is in my inbox you have already secured an interview and the only thing I care about here is how well you perform during the interview. For the interview itself it is usually algorithm questions or system design if you are experienced - since you have just 1 YOE you will likely be interviewed for a junior role (for both google and amazon) and you will not be asked system design in this case.

Your projects will give you something to talk about that helps in behavioral rounds (this is especially important for Amazon) but nobody is going to actually look at what you have done.

Good luck with the interview prep.

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