Need some advice: job wants me to work the 12-8 AM shift...

If you are a full-time student, I recommend against it unless you are up for a real challenge. Your education is important, and being tired all the time may hinder you. If your work lets you study and do homework on the job, then that is a huge plus!

It's a life style change.

Cons *It can be lonely, depending on whether your week starts Monday or Sunday; You can't go out with friends Friday night. Day walkers will not want to hang out with you Sunday night. The most important thing is knowing you have a support group of friends or family that will accommodate the night shift lifestyle! I've gone a month without seeing my friends and family. If you live with others, they will have to make some sacrifices, such as limiting noise and guests, so that you can get a good night's rest.

*If you are a "night person," you are likely to want sleep around 1-3pm. I've realized I'm not a night person, I'm a stay-up-later-than-I-should person. Work shift sleep disorders are bad enough on their own, so you may have practice better sleep hygiene. After a year, I conceded to getting myself to bed before 11am

*Many stores don't open till 9-11 Am, so you lose those convenient stops on the way home. Not seemingly a big deal, but I lose time in my day if I have to come home before being able to run errands. Going out in strong daylight can also make it harder to fall asleep when you do get to bed. You will want sunglasses for the streets and blackout curtains for home.

Pros *No overheating in summer, no traffic on the way to work, no lines at Walmart, no fighting for parking.

*If you are on the anti-social side, there are less coworkers to bother/distract you. I AM antisocial but too much of a people pleaser for my own good. I strongly appreciate the lack of distractions at my job, where productivity is important. As a guard, you may prefer having people around to pass time.

*higher pay, usually

Best wishes. If it's not a contract, then you could just leave if it's not a right fit.

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