New Glenn launch year according to Berger: NET 2024. Perhaps not even then. It's coming, but it will be awhile yet.

Really? "Bad statistics"?

I mean, ok, you can dismiss it, with a pithy comment like that... If it makes you feel better about Blue Origin's performance.

But alas, I fear you're missing the main point that such statistics prove, in that you know what's FULLY ACCURATE and good statistics:

The number of times we have seen Blue Origin leap frog another smaller company to orbit!

Answer: Zero. Zippo. Nada.

And yet: other companies have done it to blue more than once. So in the end, I fear you're not exactly on the right side of the statistical trend here, proclaiming "bad statistics"!

Thus: original question still stands:

What makes you or others think this time will be different with Blue Origin?

I'm honestly curious about your conviction, and the evidence that this time really is different?

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