[No Spoilers] Rank the Seasons of ATLA and LOK from best to worst.

1- Book 3 Change (Korra) 2- Book 3 Fire (ATLA) 3-Book 1 Air (Korra) 4-Book 2 Earth (ATLA) 5-Book 2 Spirits (Korra) 6-Book 1 Water (ATLA) 7-Book 4 Balance (Korra)

1-I loved the pacing, the villains, locations, everything about this season was great, imo. 2-Book 3 had some amazing standalone episodes like The Avatar and the Fire Lord. Sozin's Comet was a satisfying conclusion to the series and the only story arc left open was the one involving Zuko's mother. All major characters had their journeys end in ways that felt natural and organic. 3-This was the perfect introduction to Korra. You got a sense of the world state and the Gaang was mentioned in a way that did not detract from Korra's story. I could relate to Noatak and I loved the emphasis on bloodbending 4- Book 2 cemented Avatar as one of my favourite cartoons. The tension slowly rises during the season and Aang's quest to stop the Fire Lord is given gravitas and a sense of urgency. The finale was explosive and full of action, but Zuko's betrayal was very sudden

5- I judged this season a little too harshly when it first came out. Looking back, I can better appreciate Scar 2.0's Unalaq's motives. I loved the spiritual themes and subplot involving Aang's children. Beginnings is what kept this season from the bottom of my list 6- The early episodes are very immature and isolated from one another, and the show didn't find it's footing until halfway through the season. Admiral Zhao and the Siege of the North were the highlights of the season 7- Korra had a wonderful journey, but I budget cuts and pacing issues really hurt Book 4. The ending wasn't as conclusive as I would have liked (I'm not talking about Korrasami). What happened to Republic City and Kuvira? Kuvira's Earth Empire plot was too predictable, and I think the season suffered from an abundance of subplots. I did not enjoy Wu and would rank him only slightly above Unalaq

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