Noisy neighbours uk

I feel you. I am sandwiched between two units with retarded parents and deranged kids who can't fucking shut up. I've been complaining about them for a year now to building security and the administration but they're still stupid as fuck, can't shut the fuck up. I want those motherfuckers to be evicted because they're nothing but a menace. Destroying my focus when I'm working or studying. Two different units left the floor already, probably because of them too. I can't move out since I own my condo unit, and also, why should I be the one who leaves when I'm not the problem; they are. I heard that generally, it's impossible for a noise complaint to be taken seriously. I bought a Sony WH-1000XM4 so I can work peacefully, even though I shouldn't need to wear them to concentrate when I'm in my own unit. The brainless kids are squealing at all times of the day, and yes, even at night or dawn. Why can't idiots like my neighbors and your neighbors get covid? Those kind of bastards should get covid so they can shut the hell up.

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