Oh my gosh! They turned HOI4- Millennium Dawn into a real thing?!

That's exactly what they are doing though, they are clearing the area of YPG/PKK so the Syrians the took in can have an actual safe place to go, the current media makes it seem like Turkey is going on a rampage to kill all the Kurds but they aren't, it's to create a buffer zone for 1-2 million Syrians to try and live in a safe zone. I'm not a fan of Erdoğan much and neither are quite a bit of Turkish people but what he's trying to do (give the some syrians Turkey took in a safe area) is good. It's not genocide ffs or else the 15 million Kurds in Turkey numbers would be down like it was a damn genocide, everyone thinks "Turkey out to kill all the Kurdish people" and if they were really out the destory the Kurds we'd sure as hell know just like how we know China is legit commiting a cultural and religious genocide on the Uygher right now. Im not saying all Kurds are terrorist because most of them don't even support YPG/PKK. Im expecting this to be downvoted to hell but whatever because that's all the media currently pays attention to, not the millions of syrian refugees Turkey is trying to give space to but the YPG/PKK "freedom fighters" cough terrorist cough

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