Ohguyss imma sle p !

my nigga imma need you to do me and everyone a favor and blow your brains out on Instagram Live, if your personality is anything like how u look, no one will miss you at all. the only way i can think of to help your current issue is to either take off the faggy clothes u have one and try to fit in with the rest of society or jump out that window u have and hope u break your neck. you look and act like the retarded kid that sits in the back of the class screaming because no one will pay any attention to them. no one thinks you are cool cause u have a car on your wall. and one will ever think of u in a positive way as long as u keep playing fagng. Have a good night and please, please, consider suicide - Blake Burchitt 199 Birch St, Piketon, OH 45661 740-222-9978 pull up, we finna scrap ong

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