A letter from my grandpa was mistakenly sent to the IRS, who opened it and sent it along to me with an explanation

Ayyyeee someone who makes a sarcastic joke! Good one!

I know you are joking of course and I'm sure you already know this as the premise of your joke realize on the ridiculousness of comparing those two things. That being said, this being the internet I'm sure there may be other people reading this who don't understand so I'm going to link those people to this:


Acting knowingly – The defendant was practically certain that the conduct would cause a particular result

In jurisdictions that follow MPC, each crime will have an associated level of criminal intent necessary to sustain the conviction. For example, standard murder typically requires a party to purposefully or knowingly cause the death of another human. Therefore, a party who only negligently causes the death of another human cannot be found guilty of murder because the criminal intent was lacking.



§1697. Transportation of persons acting as private express

Whoever, having charge or control of any conveyance operating by land, air, or water, knowingly conveys or knowingly permits the conveyance of any person acting or employed as a private express for the conveyance of letters or packets, and actually in possession of the same for the purpose of conveying them contrary to law, shall be fined under this title.

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