Paragon Coin - The Biggest Scam - Some Proof in this post

People should realize that if you starting investing in something it is because you believe that will be evaluated more in the future. So, you will probably defend that asset when someone attacks that. I have invested in ParagonCoin, I truly think that exists a great opportunity for something that could become the solution for the cannabis industry. Right now I am only holding TNT and the ICOs that I have invested that is ParagonCoin and In my paper wallet, I have some 0.Bitcoin for the long term.

Before the China crash, I have seen a lot of people saying that was a lie, that was fake news, fud etc. They talked that not because they have research, but because they were holding Bitcoin. That's how people react. Bitcoin didn't pay anything to them.

I think right now we are in a Bull Trap, I do not think that make any sense right now the price be evaluated in 3700. But people continue talking about FUD and fake news. Is not that someone else is paying them. They believe in that.

So people that like smoking marijuana, that believe we need something exclusively for that industry will defend ParagonCoin.

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