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No, you don't have enough to spend $5 per comment. You're making an empty threat, just like your empty threat to get this subreddit shut down.

When I respond to you, I am acting as a regular participant, not a moderator, and that is 100% consistent with the subreddit rules, your gaslighting attempts notwithstanding.

You will not discourage moderators from participating in the subreddit, or from acting as moderators when needed.

And you're lying about deleting posts.

No, you're lying. The mod logs show all mod activity and you won't find any instances of me deleting posts that disagree with me.

Sub members explicitly asking "How does aminok get away with this ? How is he allowed to continue on as a moderator."

You're making things up. Baseless accusations and blatant lies have been your primary tactic in your harrassment campaign.

The extreme sociopathy of your targeted social-manipulation/anti-crypto campaign only shows the true colors of mass-surveillance-anti-privacy advocates, and reinforces that privacy rights are critical to ward off extreme tyranny.

Your campaign against ETH shows that we need to stay steadfast in our support of Ethereum and in alerting people to your disinformation/trolling.

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