[parts] LMT AR-10 BCG .308 Semi Auto - $459.00

I wasn't discussing opinion. I was presenting facts about the product that make this product unique and as a result more desired and more expensive in the marketplace.

The "fact" you presented is "here is exactly what LMT says makes this BCG so valuable"

Again with the comment you linked to as "good," it isn't even a "good" one because there are no official materials from LMT stating that they make the enhanced bolts from AirMet 100

I thought that was a good comment because it provided additional information to the literal description of the product itself. If it can't be substantiated, then I would agree it's not actually useful information.

I'm just presenting unbiased facts

It's pretty hard to make this case, the language used in LMT's description is obviously biased. E.g. "the bolt has 2 extractors" is a fact, "extractor utilizes two springs to allow stronger and more consistent extraction" is a biased presentation of the same fact. It might be true, but it's clearly meant to promote the product.

A brand's description of their own product is obviously going to include more bias than an independent reviewer.

But that is literally what you did in your example

The example was a demonstration of how the way LMT is presenting the information in a promotional way.

I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything.

This is weaselly af, you were replying to "why is it the best". If that's not trying to convince someone of someone idk what is

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