Programmers who do this, could you f*cking not?

I see what you mean, but it's like how some women say all men are trash/ cheaters, it doesn't offend me, they're just expressing their experience in relationships, I don't really see it as a sexist attack on myself. If a woman really means it, when she says all men are cheaters/ something bad, then it would be sexist. So to me it wouldn't be sexist, until a woman starts to expand on that statement and try to really present it as fact. So I'm not saying that I can justify everything, there is a line up to where things can be justified

Also it would be sexist if it was saying girls are stupid, but I really believe it's in terms of relationships, because men not understanding women is a bit like a meme

But to make your argument more fitting, the response to the response to "X is bad," would be "I'm joking about my experiences," and I wouldn't have said the statement would be anti-anti-good

I did say in my comment that it's instead ridiculing men (my mistake), but it's more like joking about their situation

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