Proposal: ban drama sub posting

Minorities get into PhD programs less, but still to an extent where assuming "PhD program = not minority" is fucked up. We weren't talking "it's more likely you are white and bourgeois", you were pretty much guaranteeing it.

That's not what I did, I factored that into all the other signs that you are a bourgeois white dude.

Then you say people who can claim one form of oppression get a carte blanche to be oppressive themselves to make up for it, for some reason. This pretty obviously leads to oppression olympics where everyone has an incentive to pretend to be more oppressed than someone else in order to win arguments using their oppression.

So are you implying that trans people (some of whom you chased away from this sub) are making up oppression to "win arguments" against you? I don't believe in oppression olympics either, I am just pointing out that you are a bourgeois white dude haven't experienced the same sort of shit others have, so you don't have perspective.

I actually closely know a lot of people who have dealt with mental health issues and racism so go fuck yourself, is that attached enough for you, asshole? Sorry I wasn't emotional enough before to satisfy you, since you have this huge habit of making absurd, fact-free judgments over the Internet.

Lol, you "closely know" people.

This is just a bunch of silly bullshit that is practically copied from a template of "How to Win Arguments Against People Perceived to be White and Bourgeois". If I actually believed what you say then I'd be calling to remove the AOP and enact free speech policies. Instead, I'm arguing that graphical exhortations to commit suicide should go under the same category as racism and homophobia, which is the complete opposite of what you're ascribing to me here.

One of your problems is that you think anybody is trying to "win" an argument against you. Nobody cares about "winning" against you, there aren't any winners or losers here. This mentality explains why you are so obsessed with coming back to this sub, because you are trying to "win" against people.

I don't think people should tell other people to commit suicide either, but it doesn't belong in the same category as racism or homophobia because it is a cathartic expression of an experience of oppression towards someone who is clearly not your ally.

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