Prospects Megathread

Ok so since there havent been any comments I'm going to assume that you guys dont care about prospects don't know who most of these guys are so I'll make a brief post explaining who they are so you guys can get to know them.

Disclaimer: I'm on mobile and at lunch so if I'm too vague or make typos or just want to know more about a certain prospsct just tell me and I'll update it. Also given that I am on mobile and at lunch I dont have access to many stats, just the ones in my head so please don't yell at me if I say Nicolino had a sub 1.00 WHIP and it was really 1.03.

Umm, how should i organize this. I guess I'll talk about or censous top prospects, then I'll do the newly aquired top prospects to be, then I'll do some sleepers and I'll finish with the suspects and busts.

TOP PROSPECTS Tyler Kolek, you guys know Kolek. 2nd pick in 2014 draft. BIG (6' 6" 250 lbs) RHP from Texas was constantly living in the upper 90s and triple digits before the draft. Didn't do as well in the GCL rookie level. Reports say he was in the low to mid 90s and was dealing with a bit of back soreness but this can easily be blamed on fatigue. Reports say he did much better at instrux. A few reporters think he'll be at extended spring training and then start in the NY-PENN short season league but most think that he'll start at the A-Full level with our Greensboro Grasshoppers.

JT Realmunto, we saw a bit of him last september. He was a SS coming out of HS and he was converted into a Catcher. He has been focused mostly on his catching skills his first few years so he wasnt able to show the hitter that he was when he set Hit and RBI records in HS. Now he is the 8th best catching prospect in all of MLB according to (which is a real accomplishment because the 7 guys in front of him are great players). The athletism from when he was a SS still shows especially in his pop up time (from crouching to throwing to 2nd) is under 2.00 seconds which is considered elite and also is obvious when he runs as he is an above average runner not only compared to catchers but other position players too.

Justin Nicolino, our pitcher of the year last year. Someone to get excited about. His control is unreal. Last year he had something like 25 walks in 170 IP. Some have gone as far as to rate him as plus command. There are some reporters, cough Michael Jong cough, who say that due to his low K% he wont succeed in the MLB as a starter. I THINK THOSE PEOPLE ARE WRONG!! Nicolino has the potential to be a #2/3. We have a hole as #5 next year but he should not be the one to fill that hole. He would be better off at AAA.

Jose Urena, its weird to call a top prospect a sleeper but that is the case with Urena, everyone always says "he had a nice year but I doubt he'll do it again" and he goes and does it again. He is constantly under rates because he isnt a ace/#2 but he is definitely a #3 workhorse. Signed out of D.R. for just $52K in 2008 he has risen through the rankings and finished the year at AA. Back when we had Flynn, Heaney and Disco he was always thought to be the one that would end up in the pen because he didnt have any elite pitches but he'll start at AAA this year and depending on injuries and performances could make some starts in Miami this year.

Avery Romero,

Trevor Williams, he is often forgotten of because he doesnt have elite stuff but he is one of those "sum is greater than the parts" guys and he was good enough to be taken in 2md round in 2013. He had a good year, spent most of it in the FSL with a cup of coffee at AA at the end. Like Urena, he isnt ab ace but he can be effective.

Isael Soto,

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