[pty] My period just arrived, and it's super heavy this month! Make me stain these pristine blue panties for you! (also selling pads, tampons, and pops! [pic][prd][pop]

I just got my period today, and I can't wait to sell you my period items! My flow is super heavy this month, so let me stain my panties for you. Don't you want to me to get my sexy menstrual blood all over them?


  • $45. These cute blue panties are just waiting for me to ruin them with my period. Let me stain them for you! This price includes include one full day of wear (no pads or tampons - I want my blood to soak them all the way through) and 5 photos of me posing in them for you!

  • $2 for each extra day you'd like me to wear them. I will wear pads & tampons for more than one day of wear, however - I don't want to stain my pants, too!

  • Other add-ons: scat and pee are $10 each. For both, it'll be $15. :)


  • Used tampons and pads are $2 each. I change them at least twice a day and seal them in baggies immediately after use, so they stay as fresh as possible for you!

  • Menstrual cups are $3 each, as they're a bit trickier to do, but so fun! I change them as needed (1-3 times a day). They get really full, though, so I'll have to be careful not to spill it!


  • $5 each. I'll stuff a pop inside my tight pussy and get my juices all over it for you. Then I'll wrap it back up, seal it in a baggie, and ship it to you so you can taste my menstruating pussy! Let me know what base flavors you'd prefer (vanilla, butterscotch, etc.) I will go out and buy them specially for you before I stuff them inside me. Of course, they'll be covered in my delicious period blood so I'm sure you won't be able to taste anything but that. ;)


  • $130. This includes a full period's worth of stained panties (3 pairs, worn two days each), all the tampons, pads, and cups I use throughout the week, a naughty period pop, and 5 photos of me posing in my panties for you. (If you don't want the pop, subtract $5.)

I accept Squarecash, Giftrocket, and Amazon gift cards ($5 surcharge).

I can't wait to hear from you!

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