Why I Put Some Ice on That Bern- The article that convinced me to support Hillary

As a sanders supporter who's very critical of HRC, it's articles like this that cause the so called "Bernie bros" to come out in force. (Side note - there's plenty of negative comments and petty links on this subreddit too) I believe they exist... But just as Maddow said... There is no one side that has more extreme members... She notes being attacked equally by both sides. This IS a fluff piece full of silly lies... A simple search of the authors Twitter account will show you he's always been a hardcore Hillary supporter... So... That little fact alone might as well negate the WHOLE article. I'm not here to bash on Clinton... I have my own views of her but this is exactly why people don't trust her... Especially when articles-with good points against sanders might I add- lose all of their credibility when they lie about something that can be researched in 30 seconds... Well if they're willing to lie about something so obvious... What else would they lie about? It's a vicious cycle. The kid is passionate... But he's also never pointed out any of those Bernie style issues he says he's for in his social media posts... While it's obvious he's never supported sanders at all... So why lie? I can speculate... When you level with people and act like there's a common ground they feel like there may be a reason you switched they don't know about... But when they find out that's a lie? They support the other more fervently... This article is not a great read... It's fiction... And it didn't have to be... It could have been a good article... But the problem with that? No one would read it... So he lied... For what though? Why lie when it totally destroys your own integrity? Some peoples integrity is worth the fame I guess.

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