Quantum Farcaster and Tacnet

Dude. Stop correcting me. I wasn't talking about the emergency farcaster in that quote. I was talking about the regular farcaster or as, as you wanna be pedantic, the quantum farcaster. Why are you commenting on my post and starting these arguments. And quantum farcaster (regular) use neutrinos. At least in first edition.... And what does only mean?? Quantum encryption is theoretically uncrackable. Since you're doing this whole thing, here's the wiki you shared on it:


Because it is exceptionally safe and secure, quantum farcasting via neutrino communications is the primary means of both long-distance communication between habitats and Egocasting. The neutrino signal cannot be blocked and it can only be decrypted if a character has access to the computer that is sending or receiving the signal.

And I believe if you go to the core rulebook (1st edition, as that's what I play) it specifies neutrinos as primary means. Cannot believe you're pedanting this shit. You didn't even get it right. What purpose does this serve? Why do you feel like talking about this fictional tecu needs to have right and wrongs. And not informed feedback they can use for gameplay options? And you're not even enough of an expert to know regular farcaster s use neutrinos

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