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Definition of expensive: "Costing a lot of money." (From Google). This is my hobby and I spend most of my time on my PC. For what I'm getting out of this setup, $3,000 is a steal for me personally. And I can absolutely afford it. You can buy many things for $3,000. But is that a lot of money? That's completely relative. To Jeff Bezos, $3,000 is the equivalent of dirt. But you're right, there's an average price to things. Jeff Bezos wouldn't pay $3,000 for a $3 cup of coffee.

Someone who is not into computers who only has a $200 laptop for example and that's about it, may not even think about paying $3,000 for a setup like this, regardless of their money. It's too "expensive." But for me, I'm a massive enthusiast and it's not expensive at all to me.

You see what I'm trying to say here? It's relative. Yes, my PC is on the very high end and it "costs a lot of money." But that part where it costs a lot of money is relative. To me, it's no big deal paying $3,000 for this setup. But say there was a $1,000 guitar I saw. I wouldn't dare pay $1,000 for a guitar, that's too expensive for me because I don't play guitar/I'm not a guitar enthusiast.

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