Rachel's spiral was production's fault

I'm guessing she wanted one to single her out for some alone time, instead of her just hanging out with them all (ie she wants to be pursued). In real life, this would be logical to not sit alone and stew, but as she pointed out, they are supposed to be there for her, not to have fun with the bros, and are not even pretending to have her as their focus.

(I actually agree with you- Gabby goes to the men, makes the first move, visited the men in their house, and I recall Emily (just rewatched her season) not waiting around for the men to come to her... she was constantly going where they were and sitting in the middle of the group, and would go off and talk to one if any asked to take her away, or interrupted a date- she never sat alone waiting for someone to come to her, in group dates or at cocktail parties)

I feel like Rachel is having issues feeling wanted after Clayton didn't pick her (Emily was picked, Rachel watched Clayton call Susie a once in a lifetime girl), feeling like most of the men want Gabby, three men rejected her, and just wanting to see if ANY would make the effort to spend a few minutes alone with her, so I do understand her perspective too. She thinks they are all BSing her and she wanted to see if any would make effort to show they are there for her and not for the experience of being on the show. Considering Logan wants to switch and James preferred Gabby (so she only has 4 real contenders left), they definitely did not do good by her.

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