A re-post from RBN. The example of Belle Gibson, a good example of a Narcissist giving and interview on 60 minutes. Link in comments

There were quite a few things going on when I initially posted that.

Belle reminded me of my N, with the casual lies, the victim mentality the whole controlled voice shit and dead eyes thing going on. I also had to move this from RBN because it was a case of "drive by analysis" but it's helpful for many people to be able to identify what a lack of empathy looks like and I found it a good example.

This N has casually ripped off a great deal of people and for larger amounts than a 45K. We will never get to the bottom of how much she actually owes to people and how much damage she's done because - N. They don't care, they won't admit and all they do is deny deny deny.

So you can see that at least now we have a good example of a cautionary tale even if 60 minutes gets some sort of kick back - I'm still ok with the fact that this N fraudster got a good spot light on her.

Now I'll reveal why I'm particularly loathed with this shit. My mother - in the early 90s got breast cancer, and found chemo and that really tough going. It looked like some reductions in the tumors were happening until.... Some new age fuck came along and said "You can cure all this by eating a macrobiotic diet!" She died by not pursuing the harder cancer treatments and listening to some quack.

This effectively left me an orphan at 19. With 2 N's looking after all my inheritances leaving me in a shitty situation that I've almost come to grips with now. Fun times.

So for Belle?? Who's almond biscuits can cure cancer? FUCK OFF AND DIE BITCH. Who the fuck do you think you are you snake oil sales bitch. Turning people away from an actual shot at living so you can flog shitty bullshit food recipes? I fucken hope you get whats coming to you. What angers me - is that there is now a cottage industry devoted to health that offers - nothing.

Ok I'm sorry if I offended anyone else - but yeah this one had me pretty riled up.

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