Reddit Press: FinKone talks about being fired as admin

This puts the spotlight on a lot of issues, the post Finkone covers is ridden with signs of the admins' passiveness and disregard to retain members of the community's trust, proven loyalty and credibility to the server with petty decision making.

These were some questionable quotes from the post Fink covered:

"When the previous issue with SilentSentry arose, Fink defended sentry calling it a bullshit report, it ended with a 3-2 report when their were six admins because Fink was told by TimothyDexter, he wouldn't have a voice, and his vote wouldn't count because he wouldn't use the forum. Somehow, this justifies the community losing one of the best roleplayers over some petty shit. I see a failure to see the bigger picture here and failure to care about a loyal member.

"Finkone is worthless because he doesn't go to the forum" Sure, the admins have a forum system set up but maybe try an open-minded approach that involves admins' voicing their opinions to be valued, listened and understood. Not resorting to taking away their voice, credibility, calling them "the people's champion" when trying to defend unjust bans, and then proceeding to fire them.

I feel like this is an example of poor communication, lack of adaptability, petty decisions and lack of interest in keeping community members together. I can empathize with how being an admin is tough, pleasing everybody is impossible, and I might even be biased because sentry was my favorite on the family. But, if the admins have a chance of making something right when they're about to lose a community members trust and couldn't care less about pushing people away, then that's on them. Unfortunately, I think they don't care, otherwise things like this wouldn't happen.

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