[Afro] Ray ain't CB anymore

The entirety of GSF went around the city rallying the umbrella so that CG would defend them when the scary CB would come at them for their terf. With their battalions of allied gangs. Half of which Dexx, Drew, and Summer named did not like Lang let alone knew what CB was IC. Based on near meta info, long before the mechanic was even put in place. There was a gsf civil war after that caused by Drew, who surprise-surprise, caused the first headache. They recovered from all of that. Only to be memed on by majority of the city.

I think Afro is just that much of a boy with buddha that he still loves and fears the imaginary CB. Something in reality died with Donnie and Nino's departure. Glad people like him keeps the legends alive. Early 3.0 CB arcs where some of the best when it comes to RP in 3.0. He lacks critical information PepeLaugh. CB died. Then became Lang and friends hiest crew. Then Lang's family.

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