Redditors who attend music festivals, which did you attend and what were your most memorable/crazy experiences?

I have a good many but I will just tell ya my favorite two:

A little about me first, 24 year old dude, who has been to plenty of festivals and done fair share of furthur and widespread tour. disclaimer: these stories were not my first encounters with drugs at a festival

Wanee 2012: Allman Brothers/Furthur Friday night Well here's the deal. My girlfriend now, who I was not dating at the time, well we were allin to eachother at wanee this year. Well she got puddled on thursday so friday she was exhausted, and me? Well i was fine and took down two of my chocolate boomers I got from my buddy at camp, assuming those boomers were 1/2 an 8th a piece. Well they werent. They were an 8th a piece and i took down a quarter of the best boomers i have ever had. Well i took them down as soon as Furthur got off stage, thinking the allman brothers would be on at 9:30 like the bill said. well gregg was sick that year and they didn't come on for a whole hour and a 15 minutes later than scheduled. I was hangin in the field with my two best friends and behind us were my girlfriend (not at the time) and her hot little hippie chick friends. Well while trying to flirt with the girl I had this sudden urge (about 45 minutes after I took the boomers) to throw up. I immediately ran, not wanting to embarrass myself infront of this beautiful girl I really like. Hit the porto john, and got people out of my by screaming "IM GONNA YAK ANY SECOND" got into a proto john, and the smell did the rest of the work for me. After about five minutes of throwing up everything I ate and drank that day and cleaning myself up (changed my sweat drenched shirt, splashed some water on my face from my water bottle and poped a piece of gum in my mouth) and took off back to my spot in the field. Well halfway back it was the biggest explosion of lights sound color and vibrancy ever. Got back to my spot thankfully but the girls were gone supposedly run off by a couple screaming at them to sit down. I was left with my two best friends, who were nowhere on the level i was, and this group of three bros on the other side of me. Well one bro had his shirt off and was crying, uncontrollably, about something. Well that bro decided that I looked like the guy he needed to confide in, and proceeded to sob on my shoulder and around my trippin ass for about 30 minutes. I finally turned to his friends and told them what was going on and dude needed to step off. He did, and all was well, but to this day i wonder how the hell did i trade in 5 beautiful hippie chicks for one sobbing shirtless bro who completely ruined my trip.

LOCKN 2014 (gonna be a little longer story bear with me here): Billy Kretuzmann is half way through his set on friday night at lockn this year, I have taken a half a roll of ex from a friend who along with 3 other folks in our crew are takin the same thing. Well I take the other half and not 10 minutes later, my stomach turns and I know what's wrong, im not throwing up this time (Boy i wish I did) I have to shit, and bad. Full blow five alarm medical emergency shit status. I am picky about my festival shits, I have a bag I call the shittabus with a magazine, lysol, clorox wipes, baby wipes, and fresh toilet paper that I carry jsut about every where. Well the venue porto johns were a disaster, no way in hell im shitting there. So i trek it back to the RV, but I cant shit in the RV because there are 10 of us and nobody wants that responsibility of being the first one. So I grab the shittabus bag and head on up to th eporto johns by the RV's which as I walked up had just been cleaned. PERFECT TIMING is all that is in my mind. Ex hasn't kicked in, im a little wobbly but not full blown rollin yet. Well I plop down and its immediate, like a pooclear explosion in that porto john one of those where ya have to recover for a few minutes before you get up. And as I sit there all of the sudden it gets really hot, and i am pour sweat. IT'S HERE! I pull up my pants unlock the door of the sweltering hot box that is the portojohn i just destroyed and I open the door to an explosion of lights and string cheese (yes missed all of billys set) and cold cold air. I was wwiggin out hard, all alone rollin face for the first time since primus all good 2011. I rush to the RV unlock the door, im burning up freaking out shaking, bad times. Strip down to my underwear, blast the A/C on pack a fat bowl with some hash and start taking down water, lots of water. I sit down and my phone goes nuts, 1,2,3,4,5,6 straight texts ffrom different friends "where are you" "did the wookies get ya" "You alive" I DONT KNOW AM I?! I start to frantically text my best friend and read the message back and finally set it down and look at the sink. clean washcloth, BOOM, soaked it in water put it on my neck and immediately with that and a puff of the bowl, everything was ok. Well i finally calmed down and gathered my things and stepped outside for cig and freaked out again and repeated the process above. Finally feeling good and having peed twice and got down multiple bottles of water and cooled off I was ready, and the other one waas playing (still SCI) i thought phil n friends were on and I dashed out to get down there, only it wasn't until i hit the road before shakedown street did i realize i had nothing with me or on me except my boxers and chaco sandals. A quick walk back to camp got all my shit and proceeded to spend my night alone because I couldnt find my crew, but I went right up front for Phil n Friends and rocked that shit all by my self.

Sorry those were so long my bad

TLDR: I got whacked outta my mind at wanee 2012 and lockn 2014 and learned from it and now look backk on it as hilarious

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