How have you almost died? [serious]

I had endometriosis from my young teens. I was also overweight from the same time, so every doctor visit I had they just told me to lose weight. That was it. Chronic debilitating pain? Lose weight. Two ER visits? Lose weight. Constant bleeding for years? Lose weight.

Finally, whatever was happening was making me incontinent. What to do? Lose weight--and see a urologist.

I went, thinking she'd just tell me to lose weight, too, but when she heard all my symptoms, she got very grim and had me rushed to imaging tests and a biopsy. Ends up I had a bunch of tumors throughout my abdominal cavity, with the biggest smooshing my lungs, and a uterine one came back as cancer.

I got fast tracked into surgery where they took my entire internal reproductive system and all the tumors. I weighed 40 pounds less Tuesday than I had Monday. The tumor in my uterus was the only malignant one, thank the maker, but it had begun to eat its way out. A few more months and things would have been very different.

And that's how peeing myself (and the one doctor to look past my weight) saved my life.

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