What are you extraordinarily good at and how did you get that way?

I subtly nudge my speaking closer to a person's accent without realizing it, and start closely mirroring their speaking patterns. I did not realize I do this until recently.

I think I got this way by intentionally suppressing my own accent, imitating what I heard around me in college ... and it just sort of kept happening without my realizing.

People are quickly very friendly towards me. My husband gets mad at me because probably 50% of the time we go somewhere, I'll get some free food item, which he never gets. Last diner I ate at, the owner handed me a cookie after paying "because you seem nice," nobody else in line got a free cookie. I was just at breakfast and the server brought over a free cherry lime Ricky. Stuff like that happens constantly. I think it's because I unintentionally mirror people so closely.

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