123 words Doctors of Reddit, what is the weirdest “cure” your patients have tried to use for their illnesses? 223 words People of Reddit, whats your insect horror story? 167 words [serious] Teachers of Reddit what was the most suicidal thing a student has said or done ? 113 words What is something most people need to hear but no one has the guts to tell people? 964 words What's your worst story with a policeman? 143 words What is the most evil torture device created in history? 112 words What is something most people need to hear but no one has the guts to tell people? 134 words What’s a toxic trait you have? 124 words People of Reddit, has someone ever challenged you to something you are an expert at without them knowing? If so, how did it turn out? 333 words We often hear things like "get rid of toxic people in your life", but did you ever ask yourself if you are the toxic one in someone else's life? If you found out you were then how did you try to change that? 262 words Since Halloween is right around the corner, what are some scary, unexplained phenomena that you’ve experienced? 285 words Husbands and wives that got divorced after 20 years of marriage, what made you decide to change your mind after all that time? 176 words People who didn't call 911 when they should've, what happened? 193 words Can you build a tolerance to gore? If yes, how? 333 words Dear Redditors, what are some general skills set one should equip themselves with for future job scenarios? 140 words What has gotten worse over the years? 121 words People who are / have been homeless, what was the first night without a home like, and how did you adapt to your new situation? 173 words How to handle your gf/bf mood swings? 294 words People of Reddit, whats your ‘happy place’? 241 words Parents who have disowned or genuinely stopped loving your child - what happened?