160 words If you could send one "expert" back to ancient history, to teach ancient people about science and modernity, what type of expert would you send? 138 words Jim Carrey once said, “Solitude is dangerous. It’s very addictive. It becomes a habit after you realize how calm and peaceful it is. It’s like you don’t want to deal with people anymore because they drain your energy.” As an introvert, how do you feel about this quote? 123 words Therapists of Reddit, when did you find out the 'victim' was actually the manipulative asshole? 109 words What's a company that's viewed pretty positively today but has a dark DARK history? 129 words [Serious] When did you realise you were being manipulated by someone you trusted? 231 words What did your parents make you do that you would never make your own kids do? 164 words What was the most petty reason someone held a grudge against you? 103 words What are some of dark events happened in history not many people know about? 120 words If giving guaranteed healthcare to all us citizens required banning certain activities (smoking, super size sodas etc), would you still be in favor? What would you be willing to make illegal? 390 words When did you realize that someone you were cool with your whole life was actually really messed up? 160 words What internet phrase gets under your skin the most? 181 words What moment or event made you realize you had to drop a friend? 288 words If God is “all-knowing”, “all-powerful”, and doesn’t want to people to worship anyone else but him, how does that not make him sound like an ego-centric, controlling, arrogant narcissist? 198 words [Serious] what is example of sexism towards men? 629 words What books should one read for a general and light education on important things? 147 words [Serious] what is example of sexism towards men? 234 words What 'minor' childhood loss are you still not over, and why? 494 words What makes you really fucking angry? 106 words [Serious] what is example of sexism towards men? 186 words The butterfly effect is usually taken as a negative theory. What is an example of a positive butterfly effect that happened in your life?