Redditors who have had interactions involving cannabis with police since legalization, how did it go? What happened?

1999 - After fish bowling with a bong in the car at a friends house in the drive way, I got pulled over with two other people carrying on our way home. We each all had small amounts of some super skunk Northerns that had just made it's way into town. It obviously reeked like fresh bud, and freshly smoked bud.

Cops asked if there was weed in the car. I responded with a no.

We were asked to get out. They searched the car and found my weed in a Whitman's sampler chocolate box of all things. Cop took it out, saw the trichomes and asked if it was cocaine on the weed. Both of my friends ditched their weed under my car seats and one of the two bags got found. I'd put friends in parenthesis, but they alright. Kinda sucks they did that, but I'd panic myself at eighteen years old. Can't blame them. Got my information taken, glad it was snowing with a good accumulations building up because I would have probably been arrested and booked.

Got a ticket in the mail a few days later had to show up in court. Upon the arraignment or whatever the pretrial phase is, they took me into a room with the same cop with the line of questioning."We can work something out if you tell us where this came from." I hadn't even seen Goodfellas at this point but I knew you didn't rat on your friends. I think they knew quick I wasn't going to help, because I was on my merry way to the courtroom to receive probation for six months. - Milford, MA

to compare:

2016 - On my way home with about an hour drive of backroads ahead of me, I lit a joint. Saw a driver approaching me head on with bright high beams on. I casually flashed them hoping to get them to notice when I see them turn their bright blue police lights on. I immediately put the joint out, and down. In a panic.

Cop: Why did you flash me

Me: Im' sorry sir, but I was trying to LYK you had your high beams on.

Cop: I didn't have my high beams on. Even if I did, what are you the high beam police?

Me: No, I see your point. Again I am sorry, yeah yeh yeah...

He hands me a ticket for 45 or 50 bucks.

Not a peep about the stench of marijuana flowing out of the car. This guy was probably in his 50's - Norfolk, MA

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