RSGL Challenge Guide

Red Son
Green Lantern
PASSIVE - Red Son Energy Armor - Red Sons on Green Lantern's team take 20% LESS Special Damage and are IMMUNE to STUN and CRIT.
SPECIAL 1 - Turbine Smash - Green Lantern materializes a jet turbine engine, then slams it into his target.
SPECIAL 2 - Guardian - Green Lantern knocks around his opponent as if they were a toy. (Unlocks at Level 5)
SUPER MOVE - Green Lantern unleashes a beatdown through the power of his ring. (UNBLOCKABLE, Unlocks at Level 20)
Buy Price - 220,000 Power Credits
Sell Price - 66,000 Power Credits
Green Power Ring(Supercharged Green Power Ring)
Effect 1 - BLOCKING stops 12% more damage
Effect 2 (Evolve) - DISABLE enemy specials: 15% chance on special 1
Effect 3 (Character-specific) - [Green Lantern] 15% chance to REFLECT SPECIAL 2 while BLOCKING
Ladder 1 - Green Lantern's Pilot Helmet
(Only Bronzes are allowed on your team)
Battle 1 - Level 1 Insurgency Green Arrow, Nightwing, and Harley Quinn
Battle 12 - Level 12 Flash, Cyborg and Insurgency Deathstroke(Chaos)
(The pattern here is obvious, each match goes up by one level. Also, it's always 3 Bronzes.)
Battle 1 - The same characters as before, just level 15 and EIII.
Battle 12 - Same characters, just EV L25.(Chaos)
(The pattern is less obvious, it increases by one level on all battles except the second to last one. The elite level however, jumps up by one every 5th level. Again, always 3 Bronzes.)
Battle 1 - EV L40 Regime Catwoman and Harley Quinn; EII L35 Green Arrow
Battle 12 - EV L40 Green Lantern, EI L35 Insurgency Lex Luthor, and EII L35 Regime Cyborg (Radiation)
(About halfway through, one of the EV L40 Bronzes is replaced by an EI L35 Silver.)
Battle 2 - Green Lantern's Brick Wall
Battle 1 - Level 11 N52 Flash, Sinestro and Regime Catwoman
Battle 12 - Level 22 Cyborg, Regime Sinestro, and N52 Flash (Regeneration)
(Level increases by one each match, and halfway through, the middle Bronze is replaced by a Silver.)
Battle 1 - EV L25 N52 Flash and Sinestro; EI L7 Regime Cyborg
Battle 12 - EV L35 N52 Flash and Sinestro; EII L13 Deathstroke (Regeneration)
(Every level except the penultimate one has the Bronzes gain a level. The Silver in the level gains an Elite level about halfway through, when it stops gaining a level every other match, and instead every match causes the Silver to gain a level.)
Battle 1 - EV L40 Regime Bane, Insurgency Lex Luthor, and Solomon Grundy
Battle 12 - EV L40 Black Adam, Regime Doomsday, and Joker (Supers Disabled and Regeneration)
(There is no pattern here. Throughout the whole ladder, it's EV L40 Silvers.)

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